5x10' fiber laser table
for mild & stainless steel
from $140000

Raycus 500 W
Raycus 1000 W
IPG 1000 W
IPG 2000 W

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OEM manufacturing

Are You in the market for a reliable manufacturer? We provide a wide range of services Staring but not limited to prototyping, developing small and mass production anything between can help with certification and logistics Mexico to the USA

2.5x5' folding plasma table, size 5'x5' unfolded
from $9800 IN STOCK 2 pcs
professional 5x10' and 5x20' plasma oxyfuel table
from $18000
tables for any plasma cutting machine
from $8000

Because the world is becoming a smaller Place

We are a European company that just arrived in America with our knowledge to make our Bully immune CNC Toys, as we are a team of young engineers that already test our limits in our home town and have proof of one of our creation the famous mini THC with a History of 10 years and counting, we also produce top of the line CNC plasma, fiber and mill tables, plus other toys for the metal Industry, innovators, schools and OEM for our competition because there is room for all good company. How is ready to get to the next level of performance and team with us to play with the local grown-ups in production with our 24/7/365.25 days, working in the new toy company in America We are coming to test our bully prof and play with the grownups We came to the right place to let our Imagination Run Free
We started at 2010 Building plasma tables and soon we develop our own THC sensor pro quality with a price that any small company can afford that happen to be our the famous mini THC include in all our plasma tables soon we start selling just the control to other companies in Europe and The Americas OEM so chances are you already know our Rockstar .

Why Choose us?

We manufacture most of our components and what we don't we purchase local what we need to make them if is available. Our main goal Is to use locally made parts made in America by us or Local Manufacturer Companies if is something we don't produce

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Si Compras la mesa en nuestra pagina de USA y deseas que , le brindaremos apoyo en Español para tu empresa en Mexico o Estados Unidos capacitar a la persona que estara acabo de ella en Mexico lo podemos hacer .
for a small tubes and precise jobs
from $14000
up to 50 inches diameter tubes

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