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email: onefabcom@gmail.com


email: onefabcom@gmail.com

Who we are?

We are a European company, with 10 years experience in direct sales and OEM All our creations are over the standard quality as we loveto innovate and we believe we can help you with our experience to not spend your time with customer support, but also creating what you love, we love innovation and we Puch our self to keep perfectly in our creations because we believe that we can contribute to the success of your dreams We are expanding closer to our customers with 2 locations, one in California and the other driving distance south the border with ea location making as most of possible local. We are in southern California to be close to be close to our sister factory and be able to give the best customer support possible, we are, decided to bring our knowledge and talents to make a better CNC table, we have a very good History with plasma and THC controls, but we also do fiber laser tables, Hotwire and mill for wood or aluminium or conventions of both, contact us we have experience on retro fit and we do control for CNC workstation like Fanuc and other brands .
We started at 2010 and produced plasma tables,retrofit, Fanuc mill , we also intall our controllers on CNC machines workstations that dont longer have support and hundred of the famous MiniTHC Proximity control . More than 10 years of experience.
Our goal is not only to make the better CNCs tables, Fiber Laser , Plasma , Mill ,tube . etc . But also set a new level of support.

What we do?

We are producing various plasma tables including start level and heavy machines. Please contact us if you are looking for something you don't see on our website, we do custom made pro size for industrial need, we don't have a limitation on dimensions 20' 30' 40 ' 50' 60 ft or more no problem

Why us?
Why better?

Because is always good to buy the best from the start when you believe in your dream

We compete globally with the best, we can be a small company, but that's good we know our customers by first name

1.Made in California. We support local business buying locally what we don't make ourself .
2. We are located in Southern California. Our experience tells us, it is always better to be closer to the end customer, to provide the support when he needs it. We have been present in the US market for more than 7 years as OEM so we know the market just the end-user, still don't know we are one of the favorite creators This is why we have a preference for customers located nearby. To provide better support.
3.If staring price looks more expensive that other brans most likely there is made in China.
we develop other toys when is possible and we are open to work with local talent as we know we are in a place of innovation, but because we love that job and we love to create the machines and we decided that to be our lives. 4. We are not only working for pure profit, we develop other toys when possible, we are open to work with local talent as we know we are in a place of innovation, but because we love our creations we don't feel we are just designing machines. we are helping our planet to be a better place for coming generations, we do a lot of research and development as we decided that this would be our life.

How to buy?


Are you in the market for knowledge and reliable OEM manufacturer? Local to USA or Mexico Are you in the market for knowledge and reliable OEM manufacturer? Local to USA or Mexico We are your best option because we are looking for a market parent focus in retail that way we can focus in our specialty that is creation and development of new technology as we mention before we are new in this part of our small planet but we are not new or nonexperience in CNC cutting technology we are just the new kid in town ready to prove we can help the right business partner to grow together and for the right partner we are open to stop retail in the USA. Contact us, to give us the opportunity of help you increase your production without compromised your quality, we are local to South California USA and Ensenada Baja California Mexico, both locations are self-sufficient manufacturing but close to each other so they can support any pick extra productions it needs in any other time OEM

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