Para Uso particular o personas Fisicas

Como Pagar por ella ? Antes de pedirnos que generemos una factura o orden de compra contactanos para aclarar todas tus dudas y serciorarnos que la maquina que escojas sea la que necesitas para tus necesidades , En nuestra experiencias pasadas siempre es mejor aclarar todas las dudas antes de una decicion tan importante , queremos que nos des la oportunidad de hacer crecer tu negocio y productividad ,Una vez que estes listo para comprarla generaremos una orden de compra y escojeras la manera mejor para ti de pagar ya sea transferencia , tarjeta o nuestro programa de lease ( renta a largo plazo bajo contrato que puede incluir o no soporte tecnico y partes ) How do I pay?
- Lease . we have a lease program that can include replacement parts in our your facility stock warranty
- What are the financing options? we are working on this as we are new to America
Warranty? 1 year on parts and labor on direct sales , Lease warranty confidential , OEM warranty confidential
Delivery? you can do we call , or we can work with you to find the best option on freigh

I'm buying as a company

for OEM what i have to do firts ?
contact us to arrange detail if you are buying wholeale to us manufacture under your brand please contact us before you set times for your customers ? as OEM we will work with you to work on your times or ahead of them as one time customer difrent machines have difrent times we custom made alot of the size so time vary from 3 to 9 weeks depend on your needs How do I buy?please contact us to generate a invoice and arrange all details and estimates on arrangent pick up or shipping of the machine
How do I pay
- What are the financing options?
Warranty1 year warranty

I'm not in the US

Are you in Mexico? (or need our machine Mexico ?) Buy at the Mexican website

Are you in South America? or Asia any Pacific Port we can Ship by Sea Quote Shipping and Logistics

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